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A 1000 words

Photo essays that let the pictures do the talking.

  • A lamb to the slaughter

    Our experience of taking a lamb to the slaughter, Chilean style Hot blood soaked the damp earth with a shock of red. Steam rose. The sheep gave its final shudder, and expired. Pachamama absorbed…

    5th July 2017
  • Hundreds of tourists throng around the Tulum ruins site, Mexico

    A traipse of tourists at the Tulum ruins

    A day sightseeing at the Tulum ruins marred yet made interesting by the tourist hordes On rare occasions, a sight-seeing trip is transformed when the primary object of attention is eclipsed by some other, more intriguing…

    28th June 2017
  • Acatenango photos

    Volcan Acatenango, Guatemala

    Three volcanoes tower imposingly above the beautiful city of Antigua, dwarfing its colonial buildings to toy town proportions. Volcan Agua, named for its last eruption of mud and water in 1541, destroyed the original…

    12th May 2017
  • day of the dead, Merida, Mexico, catrina, makeup

    Day of the Dead, Merida

    Day of the Dead in Merida Once a year in Merida, the streets come alive with the dead. With painted faces and flickering candles, they process through the town. On El Dia de los Muertos, Mexicans honour…

    10th November 2016