TakeEachDay is a collection of stories and photo essays from our travels along with reflections on using the art of storytelling to rewrite our lives. The common thread is that we try to find the story and the narrative that lies behind the people we meet and the places we go.

Our story

We’re Anna and Anton. After getting married in 2016, we decided to embark on a new chapter our lives. We left our jobs and possessions in London to set off on a grand tour of Latin America. From the start, we had big ambitions to start a travel blog.

The old saying Take Each Day As It Comes seemed to reflect what we wanted from our journey. Time to savour every moment, and move through life with open hearts and broad minds. 

Along the way, TakeEachDay has evolved beyond the confines of travel. There’s no need to roam the world to rewrite your own story. It’s all a matter of working on your own Story Line.

Why so crazy about stories?

Stories are powerful. They’re more than just entertainment. The truth is that stories are part of what makes us human. Narrative threads guide us along the path of our lives and helps us make sense of this often chaotic world.

Storytelling and travel share a special relationship. Life on the road features all the ingredients of a great story arc: being thrust out of your comfort zone, encountering obstacles, new discovery and, most important of all, transformation.

Through teasing out stories from our own experiences and those of others, we developed our own philosophy around storytelling. We’ve started to rewrite our scripts and cast ourselves as the protagonists in the story we want our lives to be. TakeEachDay is a chance for us to share some of the little wisdom that the world has sent our way.