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Story Lines

Reflections on the art of storytelling and using narrative techniques to empower your own life.

  • The importance of perspective

    Double vision Anton uses two lenses to shoot his photos: a 17mm and a 45mm. You might say that where perspective is concerned, he works in extremes. It was an observation he made the…

    12th June 2017
  • Setting and mindset

    How our setting affects our frame of mind and ability to act Not long ago, I took a walk in the Amazon. Dense undergrowth crowded the path. The sunlight barely penetrated the thick canopy…

    5th June 2017
  • weaving narratives

    Weaving narratives in life’s tapestry

    So, perhaps you can get to grips with the idea of one central narrative in your life. Work, romance, travel, kids, mastering the ukulele… whatever. We all tend to get wrapped up in one…

    29th May 2017
  • The hero’s journey

    The hero’s journey is the bread and butter of storytelling. It’s a formula that applies to pretty much any well constructed story and the foundation of the archetypal narrative. In this post, I’ll be…

    22nd May 2017
  • The archetypal story

    A few years ago, in order to better teach my English Literature students about classic storytelling techniques, I learned all about the archetypal story. It’s something I’d always resisted – the idea that every…

    15th May 2017
  • Storytelling and travel, the perfect partnership

    Storytelling and travel go hand in hand. That’s because all journeys are stories of one kind or another – and all stories contain a journey. But when you’re the main protagonist in that tale,…

    8th May 2017