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  • Setting and mindset

    How our setting affects our frame of mind and ability to act Not long ago, I took a walk in the Amazon. Dense undergrowth crowded the path. The sunlight barely penetrated the thick canopy…

    5th June 2017
  • The hero’s journey

    The hero’s journey is the bread and butter of storytelling. It’s a formula that applies to pretty much any well constructed story and the foundation of the archetypal narrative. In this post, I’ll be…

    22nd May 2017
  • The archetypal story

    A few years ago, in order to better teach my English Literature students about classic storytelling techniques, I learned all about the archetypal story. It’s something I’d always resisted – the idea that every…

    15th May 2017
  • Storytelling and travel, the perfect partnership

    Storytelling and travel go hand in hand. That’s because all journeys are stories of one kind or another – and all stories contain a journey. But when you’re the main protagonist in that tale,…

    8th May 2017