TakeEachDay wins the Versatile Blogger Award!

24th May 2017

We’re excited to announce that TakeEachDay are winners of the Versatile Blogger Award! First of all, a big shout out to Maria from Travel Bliss for our nomination. Maria’s blog is full of enlightening stories and tips from her travels. Check it out!

Takeeachday wins the Versatile Blogger Award

What is the Versatile Blogger Award?

The Versatile Blogger Award is designed to spread blogger love. Winners (or nominees – they’re the same) can nominate up to 15 other blogs. These blogs then share their nominations with seven scintillating facts about themselves. Here goes…

Seven facts about us

  1. Anton was born in Stellenbosch, South Africa, and Anna is from Nottingham, England. We both lived in East London before we came travelling.
  2. Anna has had a few career changes in her lifetime – from journalist to teacher to account manager. At one point, she worked as a tutor on the Harry Potter film set where she taught Emily Watson.
  3. Anton is at his happiest when he is at the head of a BBQ – or Braai as it’s called in South Africa. One of his proudest moments was Braai-ing for 50 people.
  4. Anna is learning the ukulele on the road. It’s harder than she thought, mainly because she doesn’t practice enough. Her greatest hit so far is learning to play More Than Words by Extreme. Classic.
  5. Our wildest experience on this trip so far has been taking Ayahuasca in Chile (not the usual Peru!) during traditional ceremonies with a shaman. It was intense!
  6. This trip has made us really fall in love with camping. Our top three camping spots were at natural hot springs in Chile, at the bottom of Colca Canyon and under some vines in a hostel in Northern Argentina. Grapes for breakfast… yum!
  7. We both became advanced divers in Utila, Honduras, and we have a dream of moving to the Cayman Islands one day so we can become Dive Masters. Dreams can come true, right?!

Our nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award

Ok, here they are. Our nominations for the award. By selecting these blogs, we’re passing the mantle of victory over to you guys. Check out these sites that we’ve selected for being interesting, original, well-written and made with love.

1. Travel Outlandish

A seriously beautiful and informative blog from an awesome travelling couple


2. Find Wild Air

An inspiring blog from a 20-something guy who has travelled all over the world


3. Smart Hot Fun

An amazing blog from powerhouse Becca Brewer with recorded musings on travel and life. And yes, she is smart, hot and fun!


4. Fashion Lives Here

A celebration of the power of fashion from a savvy stylist who knows her stuff


5. Shana Perrotta

Fashion, food, travel and lifestyle from lifestyle guru Shana


6. Hunter’s Travel Tales

A fun, informative travel blog dedicated to adventure and cultural immersion


7. Green Me Berlin

Claudi’s blog is a fantastic eco-guide to one of our favourite cities. We can’t wait to go back!


8. Compass Court

Great travel advice and stunning photography from Courtney


9. Make Travel Reality

A clean, fresh blog from travel couple Hayley and Tina with tips and tricks for visiting destinations all over the world


10. Boring Cape Town Chick

The name of this blog is way off! This chick is not boring at all and will show you have to have a blast in another of our favourite cities with food, music, culture and travel


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