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Travel Tales

A collection of stories from the road, marrying beautiful images with the tale that lies beneath.

  • Why is the Isla del Sol closed for business?

    Wondering why the Isla del Sol is partially closed to tourists? Here’s our take on the current dispute preventing visitors from fully exploring this mythical isle on the shores of Lake Titicaca.    …

    22nd June 2017
  • Peruvian Pisco

    The ultimate guide to Peruvian Pisco

    Peruvian Pisco tasting Everything you need to know about tasting Peru’s national drink at the Museo de Pisco, Cusco. Plus, a video guide on how to make the perfect Pisco Sour The history of Pisco…

    16th June 2017
  • ayahuasca

    The ayahuasca diaries 2: A trip to remember

    The story of an incredible ayahuasca trip during ceremonies on a farm somewhere in Chile’s lake region… Read part 1 here if you missed it. Preparing to meet abuelita Two nights later, we sat once…

    2nd June 2017
  • ayahuasca

    The ayahuasca diaries 1: Abuelita’s way

    The story of our adventures during Ayahuasca ceremonies on a farm somewhere in Chile’s lake region… Enter the shaman “We have important work to do here tonight,” said the shaman. The forest enveloped us in…

    19th May 2017
  • Adventures in the jungle, Osa Peninsula

    It’s 5am in the jungle and the orchestra is tuning up for sunrise. Cicadas strike up a tremulous soundscape, toucans and quetzals lay down their motifs, and then comes the bass: a deep-throated roar…

    3rd April 2017
  • Hand rolling cigars, Granada

    On the balcony over the central courtyard of a colonial mansion, a portly chap strikes up an aria in his fine baritone. It reverberates through the old walls, transporting us back to its heyday in…

    30th March 2017
  • An organic coffee finca with heart, Matagalpa

    The vista from the wooden deck takes in a bright bed of tropical flowers. As the mist lifts like a veil, the cloud forest beyond is revealed. A hummingbird darts in and out of…

    3rd February 2017
  • What’s in the bag? Tron’s travel packlist

    Travel packlists… the neverending story Knowing how to pack, for whoever, wherever, and whatever you might encounter on your travels is a hurdle all budding travellers must face. In this series, we bring you…

    26th January 2017
  • An effigy of Donald Trump to be used in the traditional Nicaraguan Quemar al viejo new year tradition

    Burning the old at new year, Jiquilillo

    Burning the old year, igniting the new Down at Jiquilillo beach, we’re participating in a Nicaraguan new year tradition. Quemar al viejo, or burning the old, is a chance to set the dying year…

    20th January 2017