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Travel Tales

A collection of stories from the road, marrying beautiful images with the tale that lies beneath.

  • The chicken drop, San Pedro, Belize

    The Chicken Drop, San Pedro

    The chicken what? The stage was set. A giant grid with 100 numbered squares was set up on the beach. The bingo tickets had been sold. Now, everyone was waiting for the two-legged star of…

    19th December 2016
  • travel packlist, bag contents, backpacker

    What’s in the bag? Sarah’s travel packlist

    Travel packlists… where to begin? The travel packlist. A bone of much contention for travellers and the focus of much careful thought and planning for budding backpackers everywhere. Before leaving home, we searched through…

    8th December 2016
  • Mexico’s Mayan stronghold, San Juan Chamula

    San Juan Chamula: where Mayan and Catholic cultures meet From the outside, this place could be the spiritual centre of any Mexican town. A white church in the colonial style facing a large open plaza…

    9th November 2016