What’s in the bag? Tron’s travel packlist

26th January 2017

Travel packlists… the neverending story

Knowing how to pack, for whoever, wherever, and whatever you might encounter on your travels is a hurdle all budding travellers must face. In this series, we bring you inspiration, tips and some downright fascinating character insights as we rummage around traveller’s gear and discover what makes them tick. Today, we explore Tron’s travel packlist.

Join us, as we go, through the rucksack…

Think of this as a Through the Keyhole for backpacks! We’ll explore and ask a series of tough questions to discover traveller’s best tips for those soon to hit the road. You can also check out Sarah’s travel packlist here.

We met Tron when he led us in a cacao ceremony close to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Tron’s travel packlist was a wonderful mix of Scandinavian practicality and spiritual Shamanism. What could be better to prepare him for a trip through Central and South America?

Meet Tron

Tron shows us the contents of his travel backpack

Tron, a wonderful mix of spiritual Shamanism and Scandinavian practicality!

Tron already practices reiki, cacoa ceremonies, Himalayan singing bowls and has studied permaculture design. On this trip, he plans to learn more about tropical permaculture and Paqo, a form of Andean traditional energy work using nature to channel the cosmos. He will also spend 10 weeks in the Peruvian jungle learning Shipipo shamanism and plant medicine healing.

As he told us, “There’s much more to it than Ayahuasca and hallucinogenic potions – that’s just a very small part. There are two or three hundred plants that are used.

“My trip is about discovering the historical and cultural aspects of Central and South America as well as the spiritual aspects. It’s an inner and outer journey.

“I studied Carlos Castanera and Don Juan in my 20s and went to a few pow-wows in America, but I’ve always kept it more to myself. It’s only in the last year that I’ve ‘come out’ with my interests in shamanism.”

Tron talks us through some of the tools of his trade used for ceremonies and reiki

Vital backpacker statistics

Name: Tron

Age: 50

Occupation: Reiki practitioner

Country of origin: Norway

Time travelling so far: 6 months

Overall travel time: 1 year

Backpack: Two North Face duffel bags, one 55L and one 30L

So, what’s in the bag?

Tron models his collection of traditional clothing from around the globe

Tron models his collection of traditional clothing from around the globe. Nice snake!


Ethnic clothing from Peru, Mexico and Guatemala, some from previous trips. I like to collect clothing and use it for ceremonies. I have some Shipipo clothing from the Peruvian Amazon that is used in different kind of plant ceremonies, including Ayahuasca.

Looking sharp! A fantastic pair of traditional trousers with colibrí from Santiago, Lake Atitlan

Looking sharp! A fantastic pair of traditional trousers with colibrí from Santiago, Lake Atitlan

Herbs and medicines

  • Chaga from central Norway – an adaptogen that can be used in the treatment of cancer, blood pressure and for energy levels
  • Good quality cacao beans from Mexico
  • Dream herb from Mexico – you make this into a tea and drink just before sleep to induce vivid dreaming and help with lucid dreaming
  • Xhosa dream root from South Africa – another herb used for lucid dreaming
  • High quality concentrated copal – incense used in different ceremonies throughout Mesoamerica and Peru. I use this in cacao ceremonies
  • Kamillebalsam – a balm from Norway made from beeswax to use for lots of skin irritations or sunburn. It’s a bit of Norway to carry with me.

You sure all that’s legal mate? Tron’s impressive collection of herbs for ceremonies and rituals


A four-faced owl for protection from Pisac in Peru, a jaguar to represent my birthday in the Mayan calendar and Thor, one of the mythical Norwegian gods.

Amulets for protection. Any chance these keep the mosquitoes away?

Tibetan singing bowls: 

From my teacher in Mexico who got them from Nepal. One in particular resonates with Hu, the highest energy frequency and has a higher connection with the source than Om. Many people aren’t familiar with this frequency. 

These really do make the greatest sound ever!

A few practical items:

  • One needs to be practical and not too high in the sky so I have two rain ponchos. They cost 5 solas each from Peru and they’re invaluable.
  • Three sets of shoelaces which can be used for many additional things such as bundling up, belts, tying things up – very practical.
  • Duct tape, first aid kit, dry sacs and MMS water purification which also can be used as an anti-parasitic, stolen hotel soap is always useful, a transformer for this part of the world and an Energizer head torch.
  • My notebooks are important, plus I never go anywhere without Himalayan rock salt which contains all of the 84 minerals and elements the body requires.

Any shaman worth his Himalayan rock salt doesn’t leave home without his shoelaces and poncho

The road test

The thing you’d ditch if you had to: My tshirts – I always have way too many (five!)

The thing you’d save from a burning hostel: Speaking from practical Norwegian Tron, I’d save my wallet. Spiritually speaking, I would save my Hu Tibetan singing bowl. It’s irreplaceable, especially to find one of this size with the Hu sound.

The thing from home you wish you could magic here: I would magic my mother here because this would be the biggest experience of her life. She wouldn’t be able to travel here, but if I could magic her here to see the sunrise that would be something.

Best travel pack tip: Don’t buy ethnic clothing! It’s really bulky and will really fill up your pack. I just really love it. And always have a second battery for your camera.

Tron urges you not to do as he does and clutter up your backpack with beautiful ethnic clothing


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